Friday, May 1, 2009

Stop the Office!

The last post I wrote on the office was written before I actually watched an episode. After watching an episode, I found that it is a very unchaste show and should not be recommended. Sorry for that mix-up.


Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

What is the Office? Never heard of it. Maybe I should never hear of it either.

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

it's a depressing comedy.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

That's an oxymoron!

Just a funny note: the word verification thingy wanted me to spell "lostson". Some of these words they come up with are rather interesting. Off topic I know.

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

It's an oxymoron. But not a contradiction. Hence, it is possible.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Does this blog have Dead Blog Syndrome too??!?!

Anonymous said...

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